Before SWISS TREK Sarl and Horoswiss S.A the SAW Co S.A was founded in 1993 in the ‘’watch making metropolis’’ of La Chaux-de-Fonds, whose architecture and urban landscape owe much to the watch making industry.
It is here, in the heart of a region synonymous with the quality of Switzerland’s watch products that Michaël Vrolixs chose to establish his company. Both director and manager of Swiss Trek Mr Vrolixs belong to the fourth generation of a family of watchmakers.

As a general rule SAW and later on Horoswiss gave first priority to mechanical movements, were able to use solar modules and also mastered the use of Trigalight ® ( gas tritium capsules) which, without any loss of gas, are 100 times brighter than traditional tritium. This process formerly reserved for military applications is completely safe.

At the time of SAW Co S.A a military type timepiece was successfully developed ; based on a concept defined by Michael’s father in 1984 the ‘’Swiss Army TNT’’ watches, extremely resistant, brought a popular success and were exported in more than 5o countries.
In 1999 Swiss Army Brands of USA (SABI), through a friendly agreement, took all SAW rights related to that kind of product and trade-marks.

In 2001 Horoswiss acquired the exclusive and international rights to produce and market the Compass watch successfully developed by Mr Hubert Zwahlen, a well-know Swiss engineer.
This unique timepiece shows exceptional technical features. Tested by sizeable series it success does not decline and, at the contrary, SWISS TREK plans to increase its range as well its world distribution.
The reasons for this success are due to the original design of the product; it integrates ingeniously an antimagnetic case and fluid compass, a genuine precision tested by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology. The compass watch was also tested by military pilots in Switzerland.
This timepiece is ideal for sportsmen, explorers, airmen, sailors and every person anxious to find a precise bearing.

Thanks to that kind of expertise SWISS TREK gained the confidence of several famous brands and therefore to expand an important ‘’Private Label’’ department producing compass watches and more usual models, quartz and mechanical.